General Secretary’s Desk

It is certainly a great pleasure for the chemists, chemical technologists and chemical engineers of our country to know that for the first time in Bangladesh, the high-status scientific congregation of Asia-Pacific region “16 Asian Chemical Congress, 16ACC” has been held from 16-19 March 2016. Bangladesh Chemical Society (BCS)the voice of the community dealing with chemistry and the largest learned cum professional society of the country has proudly organizing this magnificent episode. Being the General Secretary of BCS, I am honored to be a part of this history and on behalf of BCS we extend our heartfelt appreciation to the Federation of Asian Chemical Societies (FACS) who patronized this gorgeous biennial event.

The prime focus of ACC was to facilitate a congenial platform where the galaxy of chemists from Asia-Pacific zone could fortify the bonding between themselves for the betterment of this region through interacting, nurturing and sharing their knowledge-bank without having any boundary.

Association of chemistry with today’s world is numerous and from dawn to dusk, we cannot think of anything without chemistry. Chemistry is always with us in every sphere of our daily lives such as: agriculture, food, healthcare, communication and what not. Indeed, across the globe chemistry grasps the steering of sustainable development and acts as the catalytic mediator in animating the next generation technologies. Concerning the perspective of global economy and our modern way of life we must say that the chosen theme of 16ACC “Chemistry for Humanity” was very significant. We all know that diversified applications of chemical science have contributed significantly to the advancement of human civilization. Today we are enjoying the blessings of chemistry in every aspect of our life. All the scientific and technical sessions of 16 ACC were attractive as well as important for our researchers, teachers, technologists and students who are dealing with chemistry.

It is our immense pleasure to present the “News Bulletin” of Bangladesh Chemical Society (BCS). We are grateful to all concerned who gave efforts and time to success different events of BCS. Thanks to all members for providing news for Bulletin about Chemist community.